About Us

Founded in 2017, PROtema is an independent international marketing and recruitment agency, based in Klaipėda Lithuania, that helps Lithuanian and Latvian people find work abroad. PROtema has experience in recruitment and selection of candidates. This enables us to offer a wide variety of job in the logistics, technical, food, agriculture industries throughout the Netherlands.

Each year over 1,000 people are employed with our help at different employment agencies in the Netherlands.

In our agency we are focused on the employee. By providing every employee with best possible conditions and personal support we are able to improve their professional qualifications, skills and enthusiasm that all contribute to our agency’s potential for further successful growth.

What benefits do you get from working with PROtema?

  • Attractive work in technical, logistics, agriculture industry sectors.
  • Commuting to work, administrative service.
  • Caring for employees throughout the working period for the agency.
  • The safety and security of employment in a professional agency.